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BBQEXPERT Barbecue Culture

Foshan Fuyao BBQ Motor Factory | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

BBQEXPERT Barbecue Culture

Fuxi is the representative of Chinese civilization, "the first of the Three Kingdoms", "Three Character Classic" in the "since the Xi Nong, to the Yellow Emperor, No. three emperor according to the world." Creative spirit is Fuxi culture spirit. In ancient times, rivers, lakes, there are many fish in the sea, the sky has many birds, there are many mammals on the ground, people will not catch. People put a trunk in the water waiting, watching the fish come over to hit a stick, by this method occasionally to catch a few fish. Fu Xi will be combed, dried into a rope, and then with a number of rope compiled network, teach people to fish; with some rough rope compiled network, teach people to catch birds to catch the beast. This is much better than eating trees on the wild fruit, but raw fish eat up the taste is not good, serious is some bad, eat but also trouble stomach sick. When Fuxi took the day after the fire, they taught people to use the torch birds, fish roasted to eat. Since then, people eating savory barbecue, the body will be more healthy. In order to commemorate the Fuxi, people called him "donation" or "the first person with roasted meat."

If modern people in the natural, no other cooking utensils and only fire and raw food, how to solve the problem of eating it? Probably had to take a more primitive approach. This is not a memory and reproduction, but a real effort. In the picnic in the food to get the fun, but also allows people to think of ancestors in the history of food and culture to explore the hardships, so the ancestors of the ingenuity of heartfelt praise.

The cultural property of the barbecue is the rebellion of the natural diet in the original flavor and the roughness of the raw material, and the other side is recognized by the memory symbol of the human ancestor in the fishing and hunting age. In today, there is nothing more than the barbecue can be more on childhood and adults with childhood affection caused by seduction. In fact, barbecue in the past time has always been a form of human and the temptation of taste. Has entered a multi-value barbecue era, in the Yellow River through the land, barbecue from the realism, aggressive attitude to expand its cultural and economic territory. Barbecue mode of operation, but also toward the three-dimensional division, one is still to keep the streets of the barbecue, the second is the hotel-style intensive barbecue, the third is the ALICE's favorite outdoor barbecue. "Wild spirit" always contains the hunting and fishing era of wild and romantic, in the continuous extension, bonfire roasted and eat the scene, exudes a seductive smell and joy of the atmosphere is people can not resist.

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