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Grill Motor Usual Faults Reason

Foshan Fuyao BBQ Motor Factory | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Grill Motor Usual Faults Reason

  1. Grill motor does not start torque, or can not start without load, and send out abnormal sound. Reasons: (1) a three-phase power supply circuit (including switch, one phase stator winding wire) power, caused by single-phase starting. (2) low power supply voltage. (3) excessive wear of the bearing makes the rotor close to the stator side, resulting in the stator and rotor are not concentric, the air gap is uneven.

  2. Grill motor starting torque is small, can not start when the load, the load increases when the motor stops, sometimes a strong noise, local heating. Reasons: low voltage, winding interturn short circuit, broken or sparks in the rotor winding, after the start of a phase caused by the breaking of single phase operation. 3. the starting current is large, unbalanced and loud, which causes the protection device to act and cut off the power supply. Reason: stator winding connection method may not be correct, winding insulation aging. There are two reasons for the noise of grill motor: mechanical and electrical aspects. 1. mechanical aspects such as motor cooling fan damage or scraping motor shell, grill motor fixed instability, etc. This situation is good to deal with, as long as you can find the source of noise, generally good processing. 2. electrical (1) inverter carrier frequency is set too low can be appropriate to set higher carrier frequency, but this will bring some problems, if the carrier frequency is too high, it will cause interference to other equipments, especially when using PLC communication mode. Therefore, the carrier frequency should be set according to the actual situation of the site. (2) the resonance of the grill motor sometimes produces a mechanical resonance at a certain frequency when the grill motor is running. At this time, the frequency hopping method can be used to set up the inverter. The frequency converter is used to set the frequency of grill motor resonance. When the inverter runs to this frequency band, the frequency is skipped, and the resonance of the grill motor is avoided. (3) the grill motor belt load capacity is reduced, sometimes after the grill motor is used for a long time, or the quality of the grill motor is not good, the load capacity will be reduced. The noise of the grill motor will also be greater than normal. Asynchronous grill motor vibration and noise in the electromagnetic aspects: 1. winding short circuit; 2. rotor broken bars; 3. three-phase voltage asymmetry, magnetic circuit asymmetry; 4. wiring error. Two. Asynchronous grill motor vibration and noise in the mechanical aspect: 1. center is 2.; the stator and rotor friction; 3. basic fixation; 4. bearing; 5. with mechanical imbalance; 6. rotor (fan) damage or destruction of balance. Three. Asynchronous motor can not start up in the power supply reasons? How to deal with it? The power supply voltage is too low; the three-phase power supply is not closed or lack of phase. Treatment: check whether the power supply voltage is low; if so, to improve the power supply voltage; check the motor three-phase power fuse is intact, damaged, replacement; check the switch after closing, three-phase are good, if not good, notify the maintenance treatment. Four. How to deal with the automatic tripping of motor switch? If there is spare, start the standby motor immediately, then check the trip motor; if there is no protective action when tripping, and no big impact current can be sent once more. If the insulation of the motor is normal, the primary circuit, the mechanical part and the appearance are normal, the motor can be sent again.

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