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DC Rotisserie BBQ Motors for Choose

Foshan Fuyao BBQ Motor Factory | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

DC Rotisserie BBQ Motors for Choose


  • Model NO.: various kinds

  • Function: Driving

  • Rated Power: 10W

  • Rated Torque: ≥40kg

  • Normal Electrical Strength: 1500vc/Min 50/60Hz

  • Motor Rotation: Cw/Ccw

  • Application: Domestic Barbecue Grill

  • Specification: CE, RoHS, UL CSA

  • Number of Stator: Single-Phase

  • Name: Bar Mat, Service Mat

  • Rated Voltage: 240V

  • Rated Current: ≤60mA

  • Normal Insulation Resistance: 100 M Omega

  • Motor Speed: 1.8r/Min

  • Trademark: BBQEXPERT

  • Origin: FOSHAN

BBQ Motor
Item No.: BBQ240
Rated Power: 10W
Rated Voltage: 240V
Rated Torque: ≥ 40kg
Rated Current: ≤ 60mA
Normal electrical strength: 1500VC/min 50/60Hz
Motor rotation: CW/CCW
Motor speed: 1.8r/min
Material: Stainless Steel
Certificate: CE RoHS, UL, CSA

8mm square hole for the grill rod(other sizes is optional)
This type is a AC motor, the plugs are optional.
As a experieced manufacturer, we have worked on BBQ motor for a long time, we assure you that our motor are best quality. If you have any query or more demand, pls kindly email me.

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  • Office Add: FL4,Unit 2, Building 19,Zongtang 1 District, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

  • Tel: 0086-757-88789029  Fax:0086-757-88789026

  • Contacts: Richie Lau  Mobile: 0086-18606889909

  • Email: bbqexpert@wirbest.com, fuyao@wirbest.com

  • Website: www.cnbbqexpert.com

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